Below you can see what the project overview looks like and what you can do there.

Project overview

In the project overview you can view all information about a project by clicking on it. You will then see four columns:

  • Short introduction

    It contains which main contractor has sent you a request for quotation and what his financial health is. For more project information click on the button 'Show project'.

  • Documents

    The documents sent in a message from the main contractor can be downloaded here as a ZIP file. In the drop-down menu you select the message from which you want to download the documents. For a detailed overview of the documents, click on the 'Show Documents' button.

  • Quotation

    Will you or will you not charge for this project? Simply let the main contractor know with the buttons 'Yes, I will submit a quotation', 'I will process the application' or 'No, I will not submit a quotation'. With the button 'Immediatly submit quotation' you can send your quote to the main contractor.

  • Inbox/Outbox

    Here you can see the communication that has been between the main contractor and you. If you want to contact the main contractor click on the button 'New message'.

For more information on sending a message or submitting a quotation see this article.

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