In our database it is possible to look up your own company. So you get a better picture of your position in relation to your competition and the way the main contractors see your company.

Step 1: Go to the database

You can do this in two ways: via the homepage of 12Build or if you are already logged in via 'My 12Build' and then 'Search subcontractors'.

Via the homepage of 12build

By going to you will get to see the image below by scrolling slightly. Here you can choose to typ in the name of your company at 'Find a construction specialist'.

Logged in via 'Search subcontractor'

If you are already logged in you can search the database through 'My 12Build' and then 'Search subcontractors'.

Step 2: Search the database

In both cases you will end up on the page below. You can search by company name, keyword, specializations, location, certificates, and so on.

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