When you have created the project, you can choose to split documents. See this article for more information. When you have added the specifications, in the Documents, you can split the specifications per job item. The split up specifications will be placed in the middle of the quotation request instead of at the bottom with the other documents.

Step 1: Job item settings

You can cut the specifications per job item in the tab page 'Communication' in the job item settings. You get here by clicking on the cogwheel in the screenshot below.

When there are already settings on the work item, the cogwheel will be green and otherwise it will be blue.

Step 2: Documents

In the pop-up, which you will then get, go to the tab 'Documents' and from there you can click on the green button 'To cut'.

Step 3: Document splitting

In the pop-up, which you will then get, you can select the specifications, change the file name and select the desired pages.

Does a work item have multiple systematics or are the pages very far apart? Then you can add it at the same time by clicking on 'Add'. Then an additional file name and a field will appear where you can select the pages.

Do you want to split another document immediately after this? Then you can check 'Split another document'.

Is the file name correct and have you entered the page numbers? Then you can click on 'Split document'.

Then you will see the screen below, where you can see that the document is split.

Step 4: Document splitting succeeded

Step 5: Split another document or view documents

When you have split the document, it will be displayed under the documents.

Did you indicate in step 3 that you want to split another document by checking the box 'Split another document'? Then you go straight to step 3.

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