12Build is always open to the public in certain statistics within the construction industry!

Below you can see where to find this information about the Dutch market.

Om vervolgens de statistieken van de markt te zien waarin jij je als bouwspecialist bevindt, kun je via de filter het gewenste werkonderdeel ( Stabu / RAW ) selecteren om vervolgens de trend en statistieken van jouw specialisatie te zien

Potentially interesting statistics for your organization;

  • The top 10 of the most requested construction specialists in a particular work area.

  • The average number of requests per work area in a project.

  • The distribution of the work area in the various construction sectors.

  • The percentage of inquiries that go to known and market parties.

  • The number of requests for quotations that are sent out each month in the work unit.

There is also a possibility to receive the statistics for yourself. Click on 'Download these statistics'.

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