Users of 12Build who invite companies for a project will of course be happy to receive an appropriate quote in return.

Within 12Build we have therefore made it possible for you to indicate whether your company is willing to charge for a suitable request.

By setting this correctly you prevent getting requests when you're not waiting for them, or you show when you are open to suitable projects!

You can adjust your willingness to pay at any time. This can be done in your 'Company Profile' under the tab 'General'.

Option 1: Indicate your (expected) willingness to calculate for both your regular customers and potential new customers.

Option 2: Indicate your (expected) willingness to calculate for potential new customers.

In addition to the general expectation you give towards the market, we also show your actual calculation willingness over the past 2 years.

This is a percentage that shows how often you have answered the requests with a quotation.

You can find more information about this in the article 'Why is it so important to submit your offer to the main contractor via 12Build'.

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