If you change personal data and/or change access to data for a user on 12Build, the system will ask you for extra authentication for security reasons. For this you can enter your password or request a link by e-mail.

If you are going to perform multiple actions, and you don't want to receive this notification every time, check 'Do not ask me for authentication for the coming 10 minutes'.

Two factor verification

To make your 12Build account even more secure, set up two-step verification (2FA). To do this, open the 'My 12Build' menu and click on the 'Security' button. To set this up you need to be logged in to 12Build with your username and password, or via Single Sign On (Google, Microsoft).

On the right you will now see the settings for the two factor verification.

Switch on the 2FA with the 'Set up' button and enter your password.

You will now see a QR code, which you can scan with your authenticator app, or enter the code below the QR.

The two-step verification in 12Build can be set up with the apps below:

Google Authenticator
Android / Apple

Microsoft Authenticator
Android / Apple

LastPass Authenticator
Android / Apple

Log in and authenticate with two-step verification

If you have set up the two-step verification in your 12Build account, you must also use the code from your authenticator app when logging in.

Even if you are logged in to a two-step-authentication-secure-12Build account, we ask for authentication when you change personal data and/or change access to data for a user. In this situation you can now also authenticate yourself using the code in your authentication app.

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